The following suggested order of events is just a guideline for your consideration. Please note that the timelines may change for winter / summer weddings.

3pm – The Ceremony starts

3:45pm The Ceremony concludes

4:00pm Cutting of the cake at Canapés

5:15pm Guests enter the Reception venue

5:45pm Newlyweds enter the Reception venue

              MC welcomes everyone, explains house rules and makes other announcements 

6:00pm Starters is served

6:30pm 1st Round of speeches 

7:00pm Dinner, main course is served.

7:45pm 2nd Round of speeches

8:00pm Cutting of the cake, if not previously done at Canapés

8:15pm Dessert is served

8:45pm Bouquet and garter toss
              (To be done before dance floor opens. This way all the guests are already on the dance floor
              to enjoy the first dances. It also provides the photographers / videographers the chance to
              capture these moments and leave once the 1st dances finish)

8:50pm Father and daughter dance

              Newly weds 1st dance

              Bridal party joins during the 1st dance

              All guests join in to PARTY!
              (Dance floor to open by 9:00pm)

11:40pm DJ calls last round at the bar

11:55pm DJ plays the last song

12:00pm Venue closes and everyone vacates the premises

Overtime to be discussed with the DJ and venue management at least 30 minutes before the end
of the evening (midnight). Payment must be made to the DJ in cash before overtime commences.