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When booking Midlands Wedding DJ both parties enter a binding agreement/contract where we commit to supplying services for an agreed fee and you our client agree to pay a R5, 000.00 non-refundable booking and admin fee payment confirming that we deliver on that commitment with the balance of payment due 2 weeks before your event. This is your commitment to attending the event as laid out on our quotation and subsequent acceptance thereof (Date, Venue, Package)

If you have paid the quoted package amount in full and subsequently wish to cancel the booking, we will refund the difference between the amount that was paid and the non-refundable R5, 000.00 booking and admin fee.

Should you wish to postpone your booking date with us, the new date needs to be notified in writing. This will be confirmed if the new date is available. Refunds will only be considered as mentioned above should the new date not be available. There is no additional charge for a date change.

These initial funds are used in various ways to manage our business, along the lines of salaries, marketing, administration, training, vehicles, music licenses, streaming licenses, music procurement, equipment upkeep and procurement (speakers, lights, laptops, controllers, mixers, effects systems, cables, stands, etc)

Without the above in place, it would compromise our ability to execute all the events that are booked with Midlands Wedding DJ.

The balance of payment is mainly dispersed to your DJ and expenses on the date of the event.

This binding agreement/ contract works both ways. If we were not to arrive on the agreed date and supply our services as per the booking invoice we would be in breach and you the client would have grounds for financial recourse. (This has never happened in 20+ years of trading and our business has capacity and backup systems in place.)

Overtime applies after Midnight, unless otherwise stated on the quotation and will be charged at a rate of R1, 500.00 per hour (or any part thereof). Overtime is to be paid in CASH to your DJ on the night, or via early EFT payment by pre-arrangement with Midlands Wedding DJ.

Should any person attending the event abuse the DJ or associated staff in any way, be it physically, verbally or other, we reserve the right to and may decide to immediately terminate thr rendering of services. Should this clause apply, no refunds will be considered.

Should any DJ equipment be in danger at any time for whatever reason during the event, we reserve the right to terminate or amend the rendering of services. This due to the fact that the client remains responsible for all equipment at the venue.

Should the abuse clause be implemented, the DJ reserves the right to claim remuneration based on the actual number of hours worked or the minimum number of hours (whichever is the greater value) including any other expenses incurred.

Please note that the abuse clause will only be considered as a last resort when all available avenues have been considered with no amicable outcome.


Midlands Wedding DJ, their employees or any person employed at a function will not accept responsibility nor be held liable for any loss, damage, or injury to persons or property, of the client or associated with the client due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever.  While every precaution will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of your belongings, Midlands Wedding DJ will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to any property whatsoever.

Midlands Wedding DJ reserves the right to cancel any confirmed booking and without liability on our part in the event of any changes or any other cause beyond our control which shall prevent us from performing our obligations. Should this occur, every effort will be made to provide a suitable/experienced replacement DJ.

Midlands Wedding DJ reserves the right to discontinue any musical arrangements, or cut off the electrical power, or end the proceedings altogether, at any time or any duration of time or for any reason that may, in our sole discretion, be harmful to property, staff or guests.

Midlands Wedding DJ will not be held liable for any interruptions of services (power failures or scheduled load shedding, water or sanitary services etc), or any other cause beyond our control that will prevent us from fulfilling our obligations during an event.


Should a person attending the function or anyone, directly or indirectly, involved with the function, damage with or without intent, the DJ’s equipment, the client will be liable for the cost of any repairs or replacement.

Should any of the DJ’s equipment be damaged, lost or stolen due to the above, or any other reasons, the client may not claim non-rendering of services, and will be held liable for any repairs or replacement of the equipment.

For safety reasons and to prevent damage to DJ equipment we reserve the right to terminate all sound operation if the power supply outlets provided do not meet our minimum requirements.

Outdoor services (eg forest ceremonies) will not be available when inclement weather is present as this could potentially damage equipment.


We would like the completed Bridal (wedding) questionnaire returned 2 weeks before your special day. If any changes are made after this time the full checklist must be mailed to and the Date Completed date amended. We will not be able to facilitate any changes by Whatsapp or SMS.

We require a copy of your Order of Events to be mailed to

All checklists, requests. special tracks/USB’s must be received no less than 2 weeks before your Wedding/function day.

We cannot be held responsible for any last minute changes to your program if we do not receive the updated information as per the above request/timeline.

We need a standard trestle sized table (preferably draped), 2 chairs and a plug point for our equipment.

Please provide food & soft drinks for the DJ & assistant for the duration of the Wedding/function unless otherwise stated by Midlands Wedding DJ.

The above Terms & Conditions can be updated from time to time without prior notice.

Thank you for booking Midlands Wedding DJ.

Latest update:
16 July 2023
Previous updates:
13 June 2023
29 November 2022.